Coach Bob Garon started Synergy Kettlebell in 2009 in a very small, cramped space inside of a LifeStorage center with cold, white cinder block walls on every side. 4 people could barely move around comfortably in it, but that modest little unit birthed a whole lot of energy, fun workouts, and life-changing results.

    Synergy Kettlebell 2009

    From the start of Synergy Kettlebell our goal has been to educate people through Kettlebell fitness and nutrition to become better versions of themselves. Mission definitely accomplished!


    We trim out the excess and our focus is on the one thing that matters most: RESULTS. Results are what you expect and results are what Synergy members experience.

    We use Kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls, wall balls, battling ropes, TRX trainers, tractor tires for sledgehammer slamming, and more because we believe that our body is our machine instead of using machines for exercise. We find that we get better and quicker results this way.

  • Scientific Proof Kettlebell Works




    An independent study by the American Counsel on Exercise (A.C.E.) confirms that kettlebell training IS the ULTIMATE form of conditioning! The results of the study revealed that the subjects “were burning at least 20.2 – 28 calories per minute(that’s over 600 calories in 30 min), which is off the charts.

    That’s equivalent to running a 6-minute mile pace.” Not only is the caloric expenditure of the Kettlebell workout very high, but the long term metabolic effects of integrating a total body workout turn your body into a fat burning furnace long after the workout is finished.



  • What Memberships Do You Have?

    Our memberships give you the flexibility of Unlimited Sessions so you can come as much as you’d like. Come to any class, any day, and at any time.

    Our facilities include washrooms and a child play room. Supervised child care is included and available at our St. Charles & Rochelle locations during specific classes times.

    Our memberships range from $47-$127 monthly depending on what a member wants.

    Come try a class and experience Kettlebell!
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  • Can I Bring A Friend With Me?

    Yes and we encourage you to bring a friend BECAUSE we know partners working out together experience better results together.

    Also for every friend you bring who joins Synergy Kettlebell we’ll give you a 1 month membership dues credit as a referral bonus!!

  • How Long Is Each Class?

    Our workouts are 45-50 minutes. This includes warmup and cool down.

  • What if I'm not very physically fit?

    That’s PERFECT! We’ll take care of that BECAUSE that’s exactly what we do!

    Our Synergy Kettlebell workout program is designed specifically for all conditioning levels, no matter your age or physical limitation because all our workouts are 100% scalable. Our coaches will always make sure you’re safe during every class.

  • How Often Should I Come?

    Most Synergy members average 4 classes per week and we found this achieves the best results.

  • I Have __________ Injury OR Am Unable To _________. Can I Still Participate?

    YES! We are experts of modifying and scaling our workouts as our members might need in certain situations. We welcome all fitness levels and everyone goes at their own pace. We won’t ask you to do anything that you are not capable of doing!

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