Synergy Kettlebell classes are 45-50 minutes and challenge people of all fitness levels.



Our Program is made up of 3 Elements:

Kettlebell Burn

Kettlebell Burn focus on strength endurance through traditional Kettlebell movements, bodyweight, and the TRX to build a stronger body and mind synergistically. All our workouts are full-body conditioning workouts with certain days focusing on lower body and others on upper body, but in every class all muscles are targeted for maximized results. We design our workouts to burn between 22-28 calories a minute, which means you’ll average 600-800 per class.


Strength Squared

“Strength Squared” partners Strength (barbell) + Strength Endurance (kettlebell) in the same workout. We use both to strengthen & sculpt our overall physique. We start off targeting our body’s maximal strength, then segment to endurance with the Kettlebells, and finally we finish with a Core Blaster that will make fat fear you! Your heart rate will be high so you maximize the greatest fat burn possible.


Kettlebell Cardio

Kettlebell Cardio is for everyone looking to increase their cardiovascular results. We design several timed based circuits on a range of fitness tools such as Kettlebells, battling ropes, tire sledge slams, TRX, medicine balls and more to deliver a full-body cardio based workout over the course of 50 minutes. We go lighter, with higher reps, which makes it a perfect balance of everything.

Kettlebell Cardio