The Un-Testimony of Anne Barton

Anyone can get results at any gym. Every workout program can deliver changes in our body. What happens when we don’t see any? Let’s not talk about results, how great our program is, or show a before and after testimonial. You’ve seen enough of that. Why does the slump occur, what keeps us from getting results, and what triggers us to finally take action is what we’re exploring. 

This is the Un-testimony of Anne Barton.

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Three Must Eat Breakfast Foods


When researchers looked at the eating patterns, habits, and trends of thin people they noticed they don’t eat at breakfast, lunch, and dinner as a time of day to eat. Meaning, they don’t eat at breakfast right when they get up because it’s morning and that means it’s “breakfast-time”.  Instead what they found is most ...

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Synergy Burpee Challenge


We begin a new month and it’s so important to step back and look at everything you have accomplished so far this year. Be proud of it!! It’s also important to evaluate what you still want to achieve. This helps us create new challenges for ourselves moving forward.

We’re going to challenge ourselves this month with everyone’s favorite… Burpees!! OK… OK… don’t cringe… ...

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