My name is Bob Garon, owner of Synergy Kettlebell, and I used to be a completely different person. When I developed Synergy X-Fit™, I dropped 48lbs, got leaner, stronger, and have had more energy than any other workout program I’ve tried.
Since my passion is to help people, that’s exactly what I did.

My wife, Lisa, joined me in experiencing Kettlebell Results and together we support each other on our journey of living healthy. Now we guide others to do the same.  

Lisa Garon

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“Everybody is so excited to be working out and has so much energy here.” -Anne B.



“We have better posture, a stronger core, and our neck doesn’t hurt anymore!” -Gina & Jenny


Ryan Bustin Synergy Success Story

“I dropped over 50lbs with Synergy Kettlebell and I now run Spartan Races with my son.”


Jessica Synergy Success

“I workout not just for me, but also for my family so I set a good example for them.” -Jessica S.



“Synergy has given me more confidence and I’m so much happier that I even find myself smiling more.” -Misty F.

“You guys have found the perfect balance of pushing us to achieve more while still allowing us to work at our own pace.” -KAREN D.


Drew Dungey Before & After

“Hey Synergy – thanks for being an awesome place that inspires change! 84lbs gone feels so freeing!!” -Drew D.


“My chronic back pain, that I’ve had since I was 10yrs old, is gone.” -Donna P.


“I’ve made many new friends and am just so much happier with my life now that I’m healthier and more fit. Synergy Kettlebell helped me drop weight from 272lbs to 183lbs and my body fat went from 42% down to 19.9%.” -Charlie P.


Alyssa Synergy Success Story

Alyssa dropped 14 inches in her waist at Synergy Kettlebell!!!



“I have fun at Synergy Kettlebell workouts!”-Christina S.


“From my first day I felt so welcomed and Synergy has made me feel overall happier. The friendships I’ve made are so great.” -Daisy G.


Maggie Love Before & After

“When I first started Synergy it was hard for me, but I pushed through. Now the classes are a challenge, but not a struggle. My body developed the strength fast and it feels awesome! -Gina T.


“I have never felt stronger! Synergy has made me stronger and I don’t have anymore back pain.” -Ailene Q.


Sheli Massie Before & After

“I am having fun working out again! The family you have at Synergy is amazing and Kettlebell gives me everything I need.” -Sheli M.


“I got tired of sitting on my couch and feeling like crap all the time. Synergy has taken me from ‘I will try’ to ‘I CAN.’” -Leah R.

Linn has had 4 babies in the past 7 years, but that doesn’t stop her!!


Nika loved her Synergy experience so much she became a Synergy
Kettlebell coach so she can help others do the same as she did!

Nika Plattos BEFORE & AFTER


“I can honestly say Kettlebell is my favorite exercise experience. It gives me everything I need! The family you have in your gym is amazing.” -Cindy G.


“I LOVE Kettlebell, and LOVE the gym, workouts, instructors and everything about Synergy Kettlebell! In addition to the workouts being highly efficient, the people are wonderful! You guys have found the perfect balance of pushing each person to achieve more and allowing them to work at their own pace…a perfect combination.” -Karen D.

Jenni lost over 100lbs & does cartwheels with her daughter!!

Jenni Schrader Before & After

This was me before and after I met kettlebell for the first time. I still have a ways to go, but I couldn’t do it without the great instructors at Synergy Kettlebell. I have found a new love for going and working out and the Synergy family has made me realize that I can do this. There’s no stopping me now! -Jenni S.


34lbs and Counting!

Jody Lay Synergy Success Story

Thank you Synergy Kettlebell, for this…and for helping me win my weight loss challenge! 34lbs and counting! -Jody L.


Kim Loves Our Coaches & How We Motivate Her

Kimberly ElamAll the coaches at Aurora Synergy Kettlebell are awesome. They were amazingly helpful, supportive, and fun! It made me want to come back each day and unlike other places I have worked out, there hasn’t been a day that’s the same yet!

During the dark and cold months (bizarre decision on my part) I have been doing 6AM classes with Sara and she is SO awesome. Sara always pushes me when I need it which I appreciate immensely and never lets me forget to take advantage of the time I am there and use it to get better! All three of those ladies are also great with modifiers if needed and they do a great job of keeping an eye on everyone in class to make sure we know what we are doing and of course proper form. Thank you for all that you do! -Kimberly E.


Amy Never Worked Out Before, But Now Loves It!!

Amy McTeague 1I have been with Synergy Kettlebell for over 2 years now. I walked in the door as someone who hadn’t worked out in years and wasn’t sure what to think. I was a bit overwhelmed my first day, but decided to come back after everyone was so welcoming. I instantly became hooked. I lost 26 lbs and 31 inches within 5 months of starting.

When I started I was unable to run one length of the parking lot, and I am proud to say that I have completed numerous runs and races which recently included the Spartan Race, and Tough Mudder. I would have never guess I had the ability to do this if you asked me a few years ago. -Amy M.


I am VERY happy with the way my body looks!

Sara Holden

I took a look at myself in the mirror and thought, for maybe the first time in my life, I am actually very happy with the way my body looks and how fit I am now. I want to sincerely thank Bob Garon, Lisa Garon and their incredible team of instructors, especially for motivating and challenging me in every workout.

I’d also like to thank all the people I have train with who offer their encouragement and friendship. I know I did the work and I do give it all I have, but all of you have helped me so much. I can’t thank you enough. I do sing the praises of Synergy Kettlebell to everyone who will listen because that’s what got me here.

A special thanks regarding the 14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition meal plan & all the nutritional information you share all the time. Earlier this year I had just started a series of tests to figure out why I was having so many stomach issues. They were serious enough that I was home in bed 3-4 days a week in pain.

I started the 14 Day Fat Blast meal plans simply to lose weight, but as the time went by I realized that my stomach issues had really gotten better, enough that I don’t end up curled up in bed at all anymore. The diagnosis is now in and I have Crohn’s disease. Yay right! Although I still have some small issues that I can live with, following your advice and eating plans have helped me so much.

I’ve lost weight for sure and I feel so much better. I know Crohn’s is now my life as there is no cure, but at least I have the tools I need to help me manage it. Joining Synergy Kettlebell Training has really had a huge affect on my life. I’m so happy!! Thanks!


Kate Loves Our Kettlebell Core Training

Kate Moss

Kettlebell! It’s totally amazing…

Never boring, always different – only takes about 25 minutes to feel it! Intense, CORE training — which is everything — to be perfectly honest, you feel like you wanna die for about 10 minutes of it – but then you feel AWESOME! You burn a TON of calories, build strength, and you keep going back. -Kate M.

Over 60 Bone Density Increases, Doc Says “Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Sandy_Darling_runnerIt is not often that people get any substantial gains in bone density. Smaller people are way more prone than bigger people around age 60 – 65. It was the reason I joined the gym and discovered your program.”  -Sandy D., Phd.

[Sandy had her bone density tested and the results were not very good. So she decided to try exercise per her doctor’s recommendation. After just over a year of working with my program Sandy had her bone density tested again. The results are provided below.]

On the spine, my bone density is back to normal and a little above the average for a person my age (mid 60’s). The change is considered “statistically significant with a 95% confidence given differences in positioning since last scan.” On the hip, it improved, but just slightly (2.1%), and is still slightly below normal. Doc recommendation is to keep doing what you’re doing. It’s working. Many, many old people die because they fall and break a hip and don’t recover. I’m going to die a different way, thank you Bob & Synergy Kettlebell Training.” -Sandy D., Phd. (President of Learning Bridges)

[Sandy is such an inspiration to me! Over the years she has worked very hard and fell into love with fitness to condition her body to become an avid marathon and recreational runner.]


Synergy Kettlebell Is Gerri’s Happy Place

Gerri Corbett BEFORE & AFTER

My happy place, full of awesome instructors and friends who got me to where I am today! Thank you!! -Gerri C.

Jordan increased her confidence and
actually loves taking pictures now!!

Jordan Glass Synergy Kettlebell Results

Alicia personifies what it means to be “Skinny Strong”!

Alicia Brooks Synergy Kettlebell Results


Bryan Says Synergy Kettlebell Is Life Changing

Bryan Thompson Synergy Success StorySynergy Kettlebell Training is truly life changing… IF you apply yourself.

I immediately decided to try the “Insanity” class when it was offered as I knew the cardio would be a good addition to the Kettlebell workouts. In the few shorts weeks we have been doing it, I have seen a big improvement not only in my performance, but also in mental attitude. “Insanity” for me reinforces the concept of max effort every time you do it.

A big part of all of this is the coaches. Without them it just would not be the same as they bring the place to life and push us to do better.
-Bryan T.


Cheryl Defies Age As A Limitation

“When I tell people my age I am doing Kettlebell they usually say “Oh I couldn’t do that”, BUT they are wrong! I am going to be 59 next month (ugh I gave away my age) and I tell them YES they can! Not only can they do it, but it will make them feel better. Synergy Kettlebell is for all ages. All the exercises can be tailored to fit anyone’s abilities and/or limitations.

The coaches in their St. Charles location (where I go) are amazing. I have to limit the amount of weight I can lift especially for certain over-head exercises and no one ever makes me feel bad or less of an achiever because of it. Their coaches are encouraging, helpful and enjoyable. They always greet people by their name and with a smile. It makes you feel like family even if you aren’t one of the regulars. I am going to do my best to come at least 3 times a week!!” -Cheryl B.


Cindy Dropped 45lbs & Got So Much Stronger!!

Cindy Anderson

Cindy dropped 45lbs since she started at Synergy Kettlebell in less than a year! Hard work pays off! She has such an amazing transformation! So proud of her!


John Didn’t Know Personal Trainers Were This Good

I never thought that a personal trainer would do anything but make sure you counted to “10 reps” or that you extended your arms all the way through the exercise, but Bob and his Synergy Kettlebell Instructors do so much more. They bring so much more to each Synergy Kettlebell Training workout by making my experience fun.

They makes sure I stay motivated both in and out of the gym, that I concentrate, and that everything I do gets me to reach my goals. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Thanks, Bob!  -John B.


Carol Has Seen Great Results

Carol_LarsonThis is the best workout I have ever had! It works your entire body and is never boring. I have been going for a little over 4 months and we have never repeated the same workout. If you are determined to get in shape, and you want to be motivated to succeed then take up kettlebells at Synergy Kettlebell.

I have seen great results in a relatively short time & so have a lot of the other members. Try it out & see if you can handle the challenge, too! -Carol L.


I’m A Lot More Toned… And That’s EXACTLY What I Wanted!!


I remember my first day of Synergy Kettlebell Training and I couldn’t even do what I’m doing now. I’ve noticed I’m getting a lot more tone and that’s what I have been wanting the most. Thanks for supporting us all and challenging us too. -Erica F.

Results Come So Fast & Synergy Is Awesome


I have lost over 5lbs since I started just a couple weeks ago and I also contribute that to being on the Fat Blasting Nutrition Program.

I just really love it! Every day is different and you’re pushed and that’s what I need. Love it!! This is awesome!! -Amy F.


Thank You Bob & Synergy For Reclaiming My Body!


A HUGE shout out to the Synergy Kettelbell Training crew for helping me reclaim my body. I feel serious, much needed changes happening and I feel incredible.

2 months ago I would have NEVER believed I could be leaner, stronger and healthier. -Todd R.


Patty Loves Our Challenging Workouts & Her Body Changes


This is the most challenging work out I have ever done. Bob & the Synergy Kettlebell instructors are very motivating and sincerely wants each person to succeed. I feel so much stronger and love the changes I’ve seen in my body. The fact that we get so much accomplished in a short time is a real advantage. All ages, all body types are welcomed. Start wherever you are and improve from there. -Patty S.


Christina Dropped 80lbs With Kettlebell Training

christina_totten3I feel so much better and stronger after my Synergy Kettlebell workouts. I make sure I never miss a day. I even skipped paying my cable bill one month just so I can make sure I paid my Synergy membership. The people here are amazing and have completely changed my life.

Something I always remind myself: Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. -Christina T.


Synergy Is So Motivating


Bob & Synergy Kettlebell Training is an inspiration! I look forward to my class all day. I always work harder than I think I am capable of when I am working with Bob. His coaching and support is critical to my motivation- this is the first time that I have enjoyed and wanted to commit to an exercise program! -Rachel M.


Loukia Loves That Every Workout Is Different


The way we’re trained at Synergy Kettlebell Training involves mixing up the workout to learn different things about kettlebell training and your heart rate is always up. You get your cardio and your weight training all in 45 minutes or less.

I am never bored and constantly challenged. Kettlebell workouts are efficient because I find I don’t have to do a lot of other workouts other than the 3 a week I do at Synergy Kettlebell Training. -Loukia M.


Damien Dropped 30lbs With The Synergy Nutrition Program


Within the first two months of joining Synergy Kettlebell Training I not only dropped 30lbs, but I feel the strength gains I am making by dedicating myself to eating better and working with the kettlebells.

Since working at Synergy my workouts are more focused and I am able to get more out of my program than when I was going at it alone. -Damien


Shaheen Loves Being Part Of The Synergy Family

Shaheen_MohammedI had not worked out in 10 years before I went to Bob at Synergy Kettlebell Training and all I can say was I was addicted at the first workout. Bob & all the Synergy kettlebell instructors get you so motivated and makes sure you come to the gym.

They actually care about you as a person at Synergy. They become like friends and almost like family. Love it and you will too! -Shaheen M.


Adam Loves Our Classes

Thanks Bob – Synergy Kettlebell Training is a tremendous benefit!
With the X-Treme, and the Yoga Flow classes, Synergy just keeps getting better and better! -Adam S.


I Haven’t Felt This Good In A Very Long Time… No More Love Handles!

Synergy Kettlebell Training is so paying off for me!! I was at work the other day and the softball guys came in and said wow your arms look great! I walked into work this morning and the guys in the shop said the same thing! Thanks Bob!!!!!! -Teresa B.


Tina Dropped Her Bodyfat From 30% To Below 15%

I feel so much better after the workout and it helps keep me get motivated over the weekend to stick to my diet. Your Skinny Strong Kettlebell workouts are challenging and I really like the friendly competition– that seems to really push me to the next level. 😉 With your help Bob, I have been able to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes in just 90 days. -Tina


Judi Lost 60lbs with Synergy Kettlebell Training

I prefer the timed intervals of working, compared to struggling through reps. I like Synergy Kettlebell Boot Camp and for me it makes the act of exercising a lot better when I am in the group then when I have to bear through it alone. In the past I have gone to yoga & pilates classes, but I never really liked them. They were boring and I quit in like a week after starting. Overall I think Synergy Kettlebell is great!!! Thanks for helping me drop 60lbs! -Judi M.


My Dress Fits!!

Jamie Finally Fits Into Her Dress Hidden In The Closet and Terry Is Back To His Retirement Weight From Three Years Ago!!


Lisa Enjoys Working Out Again

Bob has changed my life with Kettlebell at Synergy Kettlebell Training. The workout is great and each class offers something new. I am losing weight and really do enjoy working out now. I feel so much stronger. Bob is a wonderful trainer and makes coming to class fun. He cares about everyone on a personal level and I am grateful for the friendship I have with him as well as the others I go to class with. I am beyond happy with the service that Synergy Kettlebell Training provides. -Lisa C.


Lauren Thinks Kettlebell Training Is The Most Fun She’s Had During Exercise


Sally Is Fit at 48

I’ve always been relatively fit compared to the general population, but having a baby at 41 changed my body and I felt like I no longer had the control I wanted over achieving any desired results. Never has a person been more patient and more encouraging than Bob. I immediately embraced his workout concepts in the Synergy Kettlebell Boot Camp program. IT WORKS.

I am amazed at the shape I’m in now approaching 48 and I always reply: “Body By Bob”. Synergy Kettlebell Training is a mind-set, a way to approach effective living and I am reaping the rewards. I am more grateful to him than I can express. I don’t think I’ve met a more professional dedicated and knowledgeable individual. He has changed my life. -Sally S.


Bob Really Enjoys His Synergy Experience

If you are thinking about starting an exercise program with kettlebells, this is the place for you. I had heard from a friend who talked about his experiences in a different kettlebell program where the creed was “What ever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger”, so I was a bit hesitant to say the least. I was concerned about starting an exercise program because of my sedentary “lifestyle” and medical concerns, but really wanted to get my health back. I talked with Bob about my concerns and he worked with me and adapted the program to fit my needs. He is very supportive & dedicated to helping everyone. His assistants [instructors] and everyone in the class are the same! I really think you will enjoy the experience here. -Bob B.


Synergy Kettlebell’s Program Design Is So Great

The results that I continue to see from Synergy Kettlebell Training in St. Charles and Aurora are evidence of how effective a program he provides. Bob’s training philosophy is an extension of his personal philosophy; consequently what he passes on is more than knowledge of the mechanics of exercise and techniques to improve health and fitness levels. More than simply making physical improvements, the mental components of his training method have helped me sharpen my focus, become mentally tougher and improve my all around discipline. I can’t speak highly enough of Bob, his methods, and his philosophy. -Christine D.


Families Who Get Fit Together…

Synergy Kettlebell Training is a good place to train & my wife goes there too. She has made great improvements in strength and decreasing her size… Keep up the good work! -Anthony C.


Each Member Gets Treated As An Individual

One of the many things that I admire about my Synergy coaches is the fact that they don’t generalize praise. Rather than saying, “hey good job,” they specify something and that makes the compliment all that more sincere. This is one of the biggest reasons why I love coming to Synergy Kettlebell Training in Aurora. Thanks Bob! -Jen C.


The Workouts Are Amazing!

Bob your workouts are amazing!! As a mother of three I understand I need a lot of patience and dedication to experience fitness and health results. I’m a massage therapist for Infinite Healing Center and what I do definitely compliments my overall health. Synergy Kettlebell Training workouts in St. Charles and Aurora, Illinois have helped me get my confidence back. Thanks for your help! -Meesha S.