Synergy Plank Challenge

Bob Garon Kettlebell Plank

3 Plank Categories To Win Prizes!

Challenge who you are and see who you will become!



1 min = 1 raffle entry Every minute you plank take one raffle ticket. Example: Plank 5 minutes you take 5 tickets.

TRY THIS... Day 1: 1 minute plank Day 2: 1 minute 10 second plank Day 3: 1 minute 20 second plank And so on adding at least 10 seconds every day for our entire challenge.

Choose your plank type below!





Now this one is cool! Who can plank the longest at one time???!!! To keep it 100% fair this Plank category must be performed on the forearms with feet together and knees off the ground. You must remain perfectly flat the whole time and you cannot raise your butt up in the air.

plank form

Watch an amazing demo by the current Guinness World Record holder.



Post a creative pic of you planking, at a unique location, on Synergy's Facebook Page. Examples below...





quad plank synergy kettlebell

Plank more for a #SynergyStrong core!