First and foremost, we prioritize YOU because we know you're making a promise to not only invest into our Kettlebell Program, but also invest in yourself. Therefore we promise to not let your hard earned money go to waste and we will do whatever we can to help you reach your fitness AND your life goals! 

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Synergy's private training is focused on one thing, getting you RESULTS!  Your individualized program is structured to:

  • Transform and strengthen your entire body
  • Actually see muscles when you pose in the mirror or wearing your favorite outfit
  • Rock all day energy
  • Move better
  • Tone & tighten your specific weak spots by targeting exactly what your body needs. 
  • Progressing through your current level of fitness to become your best self!!

Partner with us to make that happen.

6-Month Program:
1x per week: $40 per session
2x per week: $35 per session
3x per week: $30 per session

3-Month Program:
1x per week: $45 per session
2x per week: $40 per session
3x per week: $35 per session

Let's schedule a complimentary strategy session to get to know you, your goals, health history, and make the best recommendations for you to get results.

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Synergy Nutritional Coaching


Lisa Garon is a certified AFPA Nutritionist, who's passion is coming alongside people to improve their health, NOT just for the scale, BUT for longevity, energy, and mental wellness for life.

Lisa specializes in the Paleo, Plant-Based Lifestyle, Intermittent Fasting, and Food Sensitivities. 

Nutritional Coaching Packages:
1 Session: $45
4 Session Pack: $35 per session
Group session (minimum 2 people): $30/client

Schedule your appointment with Lisa:

Text: (630) 379-2790