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Hi Bob Garon, owner of Synergy Kettlebell Training, here... I am seeking high energy, high spirited, and committed people who desire to help others achieve their fitness & health goals to join my team as a Synergy Kettlebell coach. your mission will be to create an awesome, fun, and motivating group fitness training experience that will be remembered.

PERSPECTIVE: What I don't want is a time-keeper or room pacer who is just there to call out the next exercise to do and collect a pay-check. This does little to motivate and inspire those they lead. Our Synergy members deserve much, much more than that from their coaches and that is exactly what we will give them.

Who I am looking for is the right person with the right personality to be a Synergy Kettlebell Coach. That means you will be a leader among your peers and lead all from the front in your own personal example of your daily life. This should extend to your fitness practice as well. I want to see coaches who work just as hard in their weekly workouts and nutrition plans as is expected from those we lead in our group classes. I am looking for candidates who are ongoing in demonstrating the "A.P.E Principle", which stands for APPRECIATION, PASSION/PURPOSE and ENERGY/ENTHUSIASM every day in their own life and also lead others with that same mind set.

JOB DETAILS: You need to have high energy and a passion for helping people. You will be fully trained through my Synergy Kettlebell group coaching Synergy Kettlebell certification course where you will undergo a 6 class internship, over a 2-3 day period (2-3 classes per day), (some classes of shadowing and then co-leading) which overviews proper Kettlebell techniques & fundamentals, gym membership sales, how to lead group fitness classes, Synergy Kettlebell community growth, coach cueing techniques.

Fitness Training experience and prior education in a fitness or health related field is very much preferred, but certainly not required. What's even better is if you have been part of our Synergy Kettlebell gym as a member for some time because that way you will know how we operate and have a deeper understanding of who we are and what we do. Candidates must have flexible availability to teach Saturday morning classes once a month. We have a rotation among all the coaches so each only teaches once every few weeks.

STEP 1: If you are interested please first watch THIS VIDEO.

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Each position at Synergy Kettlebell is extremely important and increases the value for our members. We are a team and are looking for the best people who function together as one with us.

Weekday shifts are 2 classes, 9 AM and 10 AM classes Monday through Friday and Saturdays are 1 class at 9am-10am. We are looking for 2-3 people to take a few of those shifts and share the week. Attendants need to arrive 10 minutes before the shift so that the parents can drop off the kids and get ready for the class. Since classes at 45 minutes long you will be balancing that out at the end of the hour. You get paid no matter if one, 20, or zero kids show up. If no kids show you can even workout during that class and still get paid. 🙂

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Whoever works the morning shift also stays after to clean the bathrooms. We provide all the cleaning supplies and rubber gloves. The cleaning typically takes about 30 to 40 minutes at most. The evening Childcare attendants clean the childcare room before they leave and can even do that during the second class if there's not too many kids. That takes about 15 minutes.

COMPENSATION: We start everyone at $12 per class PLUS your Synergy Kettlebell membership is half off as part of compensation. Our goal is to have team members who find value at Synergy Kettlebell and workout at least 3 times a week.

ADDITIONAL INFO: We do a background check and you will need to be CPR certified within 30 days of being hired if you're not already. We use a Facebook group for our scheduling so you'll be able to see you whenever people need shifts covered, if you need shifts covered, or desire to pick up more classes from people who are ill or going on vacation.

HAVE YOUR OWN LITTLE ONES? If you have kids, yes you can absolutely bring your children.

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